Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should apply?

Innovators on the front lines of where technology intersects with real estate who are busy propeling the world forward. Doers dedicated to progress and outcomes, not talkers.

Applicants should have a minimum of five years of operational experience in the industry, and hold a C-level, owner, or investor role.

Still have questions about who we’re looking for? Email [email protected] or fill out an application!

Q. Who is already in the GEM?

Diverse, by design, the community is a mix of founders of early-stage tech startups, CEO's of public companies, technology vendors, product innovators, real estate broker-owners, tech-forward landlords/developers, and forward thinking practitioners. All of which have a deeper interest in technology than the average person. Members represent companies such as Opendoor, Zillow Group, NewsCorp/, Knock, Boomtown, CityBldr, NAR, Zumper, Second Century Ventures, and NFX. For a more in-depth peek, check out our 2022 state of the GEM.

Q. Why is membership limited to 1,500?

Among doers, we believe that smaller is better and the community doesn't scale. We're focused on deep relationship building requiring curated in-person gatherings and community moderation, not simply being the best paid content source available to anyone with a credit card.

Q. What is included in membership?

Networking opportunities with 500+ innovators from across the globe through the private forum & in-person gatherings.

Long-form articles covering the spectrum from shipping container co-living spaces to the battle for listing acquisition in the first iBuyer world war (Weekly Transmission). Delivered on Wednesday or Thursday.

Curated real estate, startups, & built world links & analysis blended with out of the box ideas (Weekly Radar). Delivered every Sunday.

Special business intelligence reports.

Promotion opportunities on Geek Estate Blog (1x per quarter).

Q. How does the GEM differ from other proptech groups?

As a 100% independent organization, we deliver all signal, no noise.

Diversity of both sector and stage, while maintaining a property tech focus. You don't need us to connect with your immediate peers. But chances are good you don't know the C-level of adjacent sectors of proptech.

Q. Why is payment required upfront?

We require upfront payment to streamline your onboarding process so that we can get you added to the group ASAP. If we determine that you are not fit for membership we will fully refund your payment and follow-up via email.

Q. Is there an option for a free trial?

We do not offer a free version of the community membership, however, you can sign up for our Sneak Peek email list to receive monthly transmissions and radars here.

Q. Can I advertise in the community?

No. There is a strictly enforced no promotion policy in place. There are plenty of places to pitch your wares in every conversation, this isn't one of them.

Q. I'm a journalist or consultant, can I join?

Sorry, but no. We're a community of industry operators interested in advancing ideas and building companies.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

Members pay either quarterly or yearly (for a discount), and can cancel anytime before their next renewal cycle via our Chargebee member portal.

Q. What’s the deal with the Geek Estate Blog?

Launched in 2007, the Geek Estate Blog is now operated as a member benefit. GEM members can guest post on the blog to help establish themselves as thought leaders in the proptech space.

Q. What does the GEM stand for?

Geek Estate Mastermind. We started calling it the GEM to help ease the confusion between the public-facing (free) blog and the private community (paid).

Ready to Apply?

**We require payment upfront to apply for membership. You’ll be redirected immediately to the GEM membership form after you setup your subscription. We’ll provide a full refund within three days if we decline your application.

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask